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How do you become an escort's favourite client?

Well, every client who is on call is their favourite at that moment. Professional call girls are never partial to anyone. For them, their clients are their God. They worship them and follow all their instructions without questioning. So, it is always a fact that whenever you dial 9100007753, you will get VIP treatment on a phone call as well as in person. Still, there is only one best, and the rest are better. If you want to be the best and most favourite client of the cute escorts, you need to learn the correct conduct. Also, when you know what to do and what not to do while dealing with an escort, you become their favourite too.

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Be on time and inform her if it is late

The magical escort girls love spending time with their clients. But, as their profession is, they have to be very punctual. Those professional female escorts sell their time, which gives them money to survive. Also, there are many customers who appoint them for a particular time and place. So, if you book a female for an hour and the scheduled meeting is at 6:30, make sure to free her at 7:30, no matter where you are, and at 6:30 or after that.

Know what is on the menu in advance

If you are planning to date a professional call girl and looking to enjoy limitless fun, you must google those abbreviations that are used during enjoyment. CIM, Greek, PSE, GFE, BDSM, BJ, etc. are some code words that sexy females use so often. If you get knowledge about them in advance, you can get on their best customer list so easily. Also, it will not irritate the female escorts and will save you time.

Do not discuss sexual acts or money in person

If you are hiring an independent call girl, you must discuss everything before meeting her on a phone call. But if you are choosing a call girl agency, you need to be careful, as the agents will take care of everything. To make sure that there is no sting at all, get closer to the girl, kiss her right away, and slowly ask for her consent. If all is okay, go ahead. This also shows that you have a request for her that brings you closer to her.

Money first, always

It is not wrong to say that the bhabhi escorts and the other call girls work for money. There are many more reasons, like their hunger, passion, love, etc. But money matters a lot for them. So, make sure that you are paying them the amount you discussed at the very beginning. This will make them comfortable, and you can be sure that you are not planning to cheat them. By doing so, they can make you enjoy it more freely and comfortably.

Be nice and respectful to the lady

Like you and like us, those sex workers are also human beings. They never want anyone to disrespect their privacy or cross their limits. Their self-confidence is what brings them to the place of a stranger. So, it is always your duty and also your responsibility to be gentle with your guests, no matter who they are. This also creates a good impression of yours.

Do not pressurise her either

While being sweet and gentle, keep it in mind that they are there only for you. You will have to admit that those certified call girls will put in 100% effort if and only if you do not pressurise them. Yes, there are many fantasies and desires that you want to fulfil. But for them, discuss it with the cuties. Do not force her to do anything if you want to be in her good books.

Offer her a tip

Tip is not for what these ladies spend beautiful time with their clients. They are already getting paid for their services. But if you find them quick, responsive, and cooperative, do not forget to give them a small reward. Tipping means that you enjoyed the company and appreciated their work. This becomes more important if you wish to hire the same lady again.

Leave a positive review about her services

You can ask the lady if she wants you to leave a review about her services or not. This is not for you or for her, but for many others like you who are looking for better call girl service. Customer reviews play a very important role in the selection of those services. Your one positive review can bring a smile of satisfaction to many faces, along with the female escorts.

Always be clean and well-groomed

The moment you hire a college call girl, you always want her to come there fully waxed and clean. Same, those hotties expect from you. If you have just arrived from a long trip, go get freshened up. Also, if you are hiring escort services for your personal home, make sure that the place is clean and secure for improved sexual entertainment.

Do not cross the line

The independent or experienced call girls in your neighbouring areas never expect their clients to cross some lines. These types of ladies are not from another world. They also have friends and families who do not know about this profession. Also, some of the female escorts are not comfortable having sex without using condoms. So, respect their limits and show your manhood. You can ask for the same before hiring her to avoid such circumstances.

Buy her a gift or a bottle of wine

This is not mandatory, but just an add-on to make you better than many. The sexy escorts love it when someone makes them feel special. An alcoholic drink can make both of you more relaxed and comfortable with all its magical efficacy that can be seen in an hour or two. You can also ask her in advance or buy a gift set for body care or skin care that they love. Mind it, these are only to make those meetings more interesting and to show you care about them. If not, those trained female escorts would still give you the best they could.

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Escort Call Girls
Escort Call Girls
Escort Call Girls
Escort Call Girls

Top class services

Always choose an agency that promises to provide you with top and high class services. A man always chooses a stranger girl to enjoy without a hurdle. His only purpose is to have seamless and hassle free sexual fun. Sex meets are meant to give each other the required fun and satisfaction. So, always find the best call girls who can give you the most promising services at any cost. Never leave any agency for a small amount. If paying a bit extra provides you a guaranteed and the best service, you must go for that.

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